ISpindel DIY Set 2600mAh

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The forum of  Beer brewer (http://hobbybrauer.de/forum/) has developed a WLAN spindle.

This set consists of all components

Soldering Guide [Downlod]
Documentation [Link]

There will be a counted board delivered.
The board is in a very good quality.


  1. The soldering of the board takes less than 15min.
  2. Stress-free and polarity-proof assembly, thanks to the inscribed board.
  3. Improved reliability by avoiding wiring errors


Technical specifications:

  • Wlan capable
  • Digital temperature sensor
  • Position sensor
  • 80 MHz Microcontroller




  • 1 x MPU-6050 Module 3-Axis Gyroscope + Accelerometer Module
    • 1x Pinstrip Male angled
  • 1x Resistor 220 kOhm
  • 1x Resistor 390 Ohm
  • 1x Resistor 4.7 kOhm
  • TP4056 Charging Controller
  • 1 x Mini NodeMcu Lua Modul
    • 2x pin strip female (long pins, 8 pins)
    • 2x pin strip female (short pins, 8 pins)
    • 2x pin strip male (8 pins)
  • 1 x switch miniature angled
  • 1 x Petling
  • 1 x DS18B20 temperature probe
  • 1x Etched board
  • 1x Connector with Wire
  • 1x Socket
  • 1x Cable ties
  • 1x battery 3.7V min. 2600mAh
  • 1x printed carriage


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